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The Diaphragm – more than an inspired design. 2017 Power Webinar 4

There is arguably no other muscle in the human body that is so central, literally and figuratively, to our physical, biochemical and emotional health as the diaphragm. From its most obvious role in respiration, to its less obvious roles in postural stability, spinal decompression, fluid dynamics, visceral health and emotional regulation, the diaphragm has a repertoire of function that is broad by any muscle’s standards.

This webinar – the last of the 2017 power series – will dig into the evolutionary origins of the diaphragm, the unique embryological make-up of the diaphragm, and how this can help us to identify clinical strategies to assess and optimise function of this most important of muscles…

Ergolution – evolutionary solutions to ergonomic challenges

For many years, ergonomics has been broadly considered an important investment for business owners, yet the bulk of research and advice in this field has focused on seating, work stations, angles and expensive mouse mats or key boards…  This is a huge mistake.


Ergolution provides a greater context – in fact, the biggest context – for why and how we “work”.  Back pain – the 3rd leading cause of time off work is not due to sitting with poor posture; it is far more complex than that.
The common cold – the 2nd leading cause of time off work is not due to a lack of Vitamin C supplementation; it is far more complex than that.


And stress – the leading cause of time off work is not due to a lack of yoga; it, too, is far more complex than that.


Yet, in spite of this complexity, there is a thread of simplicity that runs through the heart of work performance; and that is what we will be exploring in our webinar on Thursday.

Included within your £25 investment for the webinar are:

  • Access to the 100+page chapter Matt wrote on Rehabilitation & Movement Re-education which covers much of the biomechanical background to Ergolution
  • A free copy of the upcoming eBook of the same title “Ergolution”
  • Ongoing access to stream or download the webinar after the event


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