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2020 Vision Earlybird Deadline Looming Large!

Earlybird Deadline… 🙂

As we head in toward the January 31st Earlybird Deadline for the 2020 Vision Events in Auckland and Sydney in March, I put on this free Preview Webinar to give anyone interested a taster of what we’ll be covering together at the event. Take a peek – and any thoughts or questions that arise, feel free to ping them over to me at [email protected]

As you’ll hear if you listen to the webinar, it is my suggestion that not only is it useful to work with people at all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, but that it is a necessity for optimal holistic practice… This 2 minute “edu-tainment” video attempts to capture that sentiment:

For more information on the event or to secure your place to join us, just click on the relevant following link:

2020 Vision, Auckland: Sat March 7th & Sun March 8th.

2020 Vision, Sydney: Sat March 14th & Sun March 15th.