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Neutraliser – neutralising back pain & technique flaws

Have you ever experienced low back pain?

If not, you’re lucky… and (brace yourself) up to 80% of adults experience a debilitating bout of low back pain in their life.  So why is this?

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Have you ever been to Pilates, or gone to the gym and been told to “find neutral” or keep your spine in neutral while you move?  Perhaps, you haven’t, but I can almost certainly guarantee you’ve been told at some point to “sit up straight”, to “stop slouching” or to “stand tall”.

Facilitating Change Rehab Sequence & Neutral Spine

Facilitating Change Rehab Sequence & Neutral Spine

Well, there is good reason for this…

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The Neutral Spine Principle

In this webinar you will learn why a comprehensive understanding of the Neutral Spine Principle is fundamental to effective spinal rehabilitation and learning of new motor patterns.  For owners of a Neutraliser device, this webinar is free; you can apply for your place here and your name will be cross-referenced against our database.  For those who would like to become owners, attending the webinar gives you a one-time 50% discount coupon on the Neutraliser Set worth £50.

Michelle neutraliserThrough the lens of motor learning, the neutral spine principle is a key part of both rehabilitation and performance. Opinions abound regarding rehabilitation principles, yet this webinar highlights why, from a load-transfer perspective there is only one clear answer; and that is to perform base conditioning with a neutral spinal posture to optimize motor patterning.  Within the webinar, solutions are provided to help you both optimize your own spinal function and the function of your clients’ spines.  Since movement emanates from the core, the importance of this aspect of conditioning for patients and performance clients alike cannot be over-emphasized.

This webinar is accompanied by free access to the editorial from Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies by the same title “The Neutral Spine Principle” worth $31.50.*

Audience:  This webinar provides technical information and is targeted toward physical therapists (osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, sports therapists) and fitness professionals (personal trainers, S&C coaches) and members of the public keen to understand more about their spinal health & performance.

SPECIAL: As a special launch event, the final slide of the presentation will reveal a one-time offer to all attendees to claim a Neutraliser Set (usually £50) for just £25.

Total Package:

  • The Neutral Spine Principle – 1-hour webinar (£25)
  • 30 minute Q&A (included in price)
  • The Neutral Spine Principle editorial (worth $31.50)
  • Neutraliser Set 50% discount coupon (worth £25)

*Contractually, Elsevier allow Matt to provide his articles to his students for free.  Hence, when you register for this Webinar you will receive the original pdf published in the Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies.