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Reconciling the Divides

In this Information Age, the sheer volume of research, publication and change in ideas can leave us bewildered and confused…

What once we based our professional opinions on, and seemingly helped patients with is debased by new research and we are left either defending our old position or wondering if we need to completely change our way of working, of being.

In this series, Jator and I will be focusing on reconciling some of these divides – looking at topics from posture and biomechanics, to nutrition and exercise prescription.  We will investigate how the body responds to stress, and what we can do about it… is “Adrenal Fatigue” really a thing or is it a figment of the imagination?

These interactive iWEbinars will elucidate many of the questions you have and allow you to reconcile the older information with the new, providing tools and insights into how to sift through the incoming barrage of information and change.

The iWEbinars are £19 (~$27) each, or you can attend all 4 for £68 (~$97) as a package.

The first in our series is “What’s Your Stance? Controversies of posture, measurement & the trend toward pain neuroscience

We are offering a free taster Preview of the series on Sunday 11th March 2018 here.


Live Webinars

The typical webinar structure is a 1-hour presentation, followed by 30 minutes for questions and discussion.  The normal timing for this is 20:00 UK time, as this allows access from most parts of the native English-speaking world.

If you can’t make the scheduled seminar, do not despair! All webinars are recorded and are available for download here.


What’s in store for 2018

For 2018, we have 3 standard format webinars scheduled (see below) and a brand-new iWEbinar format.  The iWEbinars are a fusion of podcast and webinar, providing the best of both worlds; the structure and visual engagement of a webinar, with the freedom of a discursive exploration of the subject matter between two experts in the field


Thursday 8th:

Sunday 11th

  • iWEbinar Preview- Reconciling the Divides iWEbinar Series Preview, with Jator Pierre & Matt Wallden.  Free. To secure your place and get access details, click here.  (Start time 17:30GMT / 9:30 PST)

Thursday 29th


Thursday 12th

  • Webinar – Infant Development & Motor Learning, with Matt Wallden. £25 / ~$35


Thursday 3rd (TBC)

  • iWEbinar  – “Faileo” – where Paleo got it wrong & what the future holds for the past, with Bill Wolcott & Matt Wallden. £19 / ~$27

Date TBC

  • iWEbinar – Management of back pain: models, evidence and language in practice, with Oliver Thomson & Matt Wallden. £19 / ~$27


Sunday 17th

  • iWEbinar – HPA Axis​ & the Gut  – the roots of disease, dysfunction & disconnection, with Jator Pierre & Matt Wallden. £19 / ~$27

Date TBC

  • iWEbinar – The Ghost in the Machine – Is Musculoskeletal Medicine Lacking Soul? With Paul Chek & Matt Wallden. £19 / ~$27


Thursday 12th,
  • iWEbinar – Optional Nutrition for Sports Performance, with Bill Wolcott & Matt Wallden. £19 / ~$27

Thursday, 26th

  • Webinar: Viscero-Somatic Reflexes & Central Sensitisation, with Matt Wallden £25 / ~$35


Thursday 27th

  • iWEbinar – Exorcising the Exercise Demons – where exercise & health don’t always walk hand in hand, with Jator Pierre & Matt Wallden. £19 / ~$27

Date TBC

  • iWEbinar –  The Ghost in the Machine (Part 2), with Paul Chek & Matt Wallden. £19 / ~$27


Thursday 4th

  • Webinar – Time: what it is and insights for Mastery, with Matt Wallden. £25 / ~$35

Weds 12th

  • iWEbinar – Nutritional Factors in Pain & Rehabilitation – macro’s & micro’s in tissue health, with Bill Walcott & Matt Wallden. £19 / ~$27


Date TBC

  • iWEbinar –  The Ghost in the Machine (Part 3), with Paul Chek & Matt Wallden. £19 / ~$27


Sunday 9th

  • iWEbinar – Ancestral Nutrition​​ – dogma or template? With Jator Pierre & Matt Wallden. £19 / ~$27


2018 Webinar Series

As mentioned (and listed) above, there will be 3 standard webinars (as distinct from the iWEbinar format) in this year’s series covering the following topics:

  1. Infant Development & Motor Learning: Thursday, 12th April
  2. Viscero-Somatic Reflexes & Central Sensitisation: Thursday, 26th July
  3. Time: what it is and insights for Mastery: Thursday, 4th October

These will all be the standard 60 minutes of slide presentation, followed by 30 minutes of Q&A.

Block Book 2018: To block-book access to the entire 2018 series of Webinar and iWEbinars, click here.


Previous Webinars available for download include:

2017 Power Series Webinars include:



2016 Webinar Series

  • Wed 20th January 2016:
    • The Neutral Spine Principle.  For further details or to download, click here.
  • Wed 11th February 2016:
    • The Hamstring Insight.  For further details or to to download, click here.
  • Wed 23rd March 2016:
    • But We’re Infinitely More Complex Than A Car.  For further details or to book, click here.
  • Thu 14th April 2016:
    • Barefoot Running.  For further details or to book, click here.
  • Wed 18th May 2016:
    • The Over-Pronation Myth. For further details or to book, click here.
  • Thu 16th June 2016:
    • Designing Effective Corrective Exercise Programs. For further details or to book, click here.
  • Thu 14th July 2016:
    • Bare, Buttocks & Breasts. For further details or to book, click here.
  •  Thu 12th August 2016:
    • Primal Dialectics – living a primal lifestyle. For further details or to book, click here.
  • Thu 15th September 2016:
    • Biomechanical Attractors. For further details or to book, click here.
  • Wed 19th October 2016:
    • Facilitating Change through Active Rehabilitation Techniques. For further details or to book, click here.
  • Thu 17th November 2016:
    • The Hip. For further details or to book, click here.
  • Wed 14th December 2016:
    • Motivating Change. For further details or to book, click here.


For more dates and webinar topics see below.  Note: if you missed one of our Webinars, check out our Downloads section here.