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The Hamstring Insight

The hamstrings are the most injured tissue across all sports.  Why is this?  The biceps femoris (lateral hamstrings) are injured between 2-10 times as much as the medial group… What could account for this incredible difference?  In this Webinar, Matt proposes that hamstring strain is a part of a larger biomechanical picture associated with many of the major sports injuries; hamstring strain being much like the “canary in the cage”, indicative of more serious injuries to come.


Tickets are £25.

Included within your investment are:Hamstring paper

  • 1 hour Webinar: The Hamstring Insight
  • 30 minute Q&A with Matt
  • Free copy of the published Elsevier paper “Does lumbo-pelvic dysfunction predispose to hamstring strain in professional soccer players?”, worth $31.50 (see right).
  • A free PDF copy of “The Hamstring Insight” – an unpublished 60-page manuscript by Matt Wallden from 2005, recently updated (see below).

To purchase your ticket & reserve your place, buy HERE.

Hamstring insight cover image

Note: if you’re unable to join us, this
webinar will be recorded and available as a download here.  Let us know and we’ll drop you a note when it’s up and running!