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Guest Clinics

Matt has travelled all over the UK and overseas to work with colleagues who have clients with challenging cases.

If you’d like to benefit from this service too, it can be arranged for Matt to travel to your clinic and work with clients there, so they don’t have to travel themselves; something that can prove challenging – especially for busy clients or those who have significant health or performance challenges.

In this instance, Matt charges his usual clinical rates plus travel and accommodation.*clinic visit

The balance may be paid entirely by the patient, or may be subsidised for the patient by the clinic or gym being visited if, for example, you view this as a CPD opportunity.

To make an enquiry or arrange a visit, please send an email to enquiries@mattwallden.com

*Accommodation is only charged for if it is required for optimal delivery and performance; this is agreed upon in advance and usually only applies when travelling to venues in excess of 3 hours away.