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Mentorship Programs

“We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.”

Luciano De Crescenzo

Mentorship is available in a regular (weekly / monthly) structured form, or in an ad hoc, as-and-when form.  Mentoring may also be taken as one-to-one or group sessions*.  And, of course, this can be done face-to-face or remotely.

mentor-menteeOther forms of mentorship may include shadowing or having Matt consult for a guest clinic at your place of work.


Examples of topics Matt has mentored colleagues on include:

  • Program Design Principles
    • Acute exercise variables (learning more about reps, sets, loads, tempo & rest periods).
    • The importance of micro- through to mega- periodisation cycles.
    • Balancing anabolic and catabolic stresses, and application of attractor states in training.
  • Client / Patient Guidance:
    • Some patient cases can be so complex it seems impossible to know where to start… this is where Matt has the systems, know-how & experience to help you
    • Often challenging cases may benefit from a second set of eyes to ensure nothing is being missed and the top priorities are addressed first; this can be difficult if the conditions are unfamiliar or complex.
  • Business Challenges
    • With 20+ years of experience in running various businesses, Matt has a broad range of resources to draw upon.
    • Managing people, projects or finances are all topics Matt has mentored clients on for many years.
    • Establishing legacy, purpose and other motivating forces in the workplace.

See further examples at base*


Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 17.00.10Matt charges his clinical hourly rate for mentorship (£225/hour), though packages are also offered to provide options for every budget; with optimized rates for greater commitment and fee-sharing between groups of up to 5 people.

The table here shows how you can get direct mentorship with matt for as little as £32 per hour in a group setting.

*Note, if you’d like to split the costs with another student, but can’t find one, please apply and we may be able to match you up from other enquiries.

To commit to a package, create a bespoke mentorship package, or make further enquiries, please send an email to enquiries@mattwallden.com and we will get straight back to you.


“Mentorship with Matt Wallden is the best decision and most economical support i have done for my business. Matt provides a honest opinion whilst guiding me through new information and research that i can then internally apply. As a small business owner it can be very isolating and it’s important to get feedback and support with challenging complicated client cases. It’s incredible value for money and i have the confidence to push myself more and reach higher towards my goals, legacy and through the CHEK system itself. I am really happy with his down to earth approach and ability to deal with average Joe. He keeps everything simple for me to understand and his language is not too complicated. I love it as we go at my pace. He is very patient with me, non judgemental and has a very professional approach”.


Nisha Srivastava, www.pilates4sport.com.


Just wanted to write you and thank you for your help and guidance you have given me with my clients. It has been so good to have someone I can contact for guidance with complex cases and your knowledge and expertise has been greatly appreciated and invaluable, especially the speedy responses to my questions. It’s always well worth the financial investment for your consultation. You truly are Professor Wallden.

Pete Milner, Golf Pro, Health & Fitness Professional


Video Testimonial from Physiotherapist, CHEK Level IV and Shaman, Michael Jocson:

Full link: https://www.facebook.com/michael.jocson.92/videos/10155791532566907/


Matt’s mentoring was excellent! His knowledge in both the Chek aspects of the human body as well as his knowledge from his field as an Osteopath helped me look at things from a different perspective. I am really looking forward to our next mentoring session as all that I gained from the first session has already had a positive impact on how I work with my own clients.

Tanya Caroll,  Owner: Livestrong Primal Fitness, Melbourne.

Other examples of topics that could be covered in a mentoring session include:

  • Sports Injury Management:
    • General injury management principles, or
    • Specific injury management eg ACL rehabilitation, disc bulge, SLAP lesion, or
    • Rehabilitation considerations for a region eg spinal injury, or
    • Tips for working with postural patterns, e.g. over-pronation, hyperlordosis, upper-crossed syndrome, laterality (handedness) patterns.
  • Working with Digestive Challenges
    • Principles of working with patients who have digestive and other health challenges.
    • Learn how & why gut issues are often the precursor to most other health issues, and what to do about it.
  • Applied & Clinical Anatomy
    • Focus may be on
      • …clinical applications of the local anatomy in specific regions (eg the TMJ, the shoulder joint, the foot), or
      • …more general regions (eg the lower limb, the upper quarter), or
      • …integration and anatomical interactions in performance.

Committing to a consultation

So you’d like to commit to a consultation, but aren’t yet sure which best suits your needs?

Here are some options to choose from:

  • Option 1: Bespoke Coaching Packages
  • Option 2: Self-help Packages
  • Option 3: Free Resources


Option 1: Bespoke Coaching Packages

clinic visitThis is our recommended optimal approach for rapid results and attainment of your goals and dreams.  Since we are serious about partnering with you in achieving your health and performance goals, our model is that we require you to commit to a minimum of a 3-month package.   Six-month and 12-month packages are also available; and with greater commitment comes greater benefit in terms of results and investment.

All coaching packages include comprehensive assessment, analysis, program design and coaching, and may include further lab-based testing if required or referral for treatment.
As a Coaching Client you are provided with your own micro-site where you can access:

  • comprehensive online questionnaire-based reporting,
  • an online stretching & mobilisation program, with video guidance,
  • online exercise and conditioning programs, with video guidance, for access on your computer – or anywhere on your tablet or smartphone

training gearWe offer options to suit multiple budgets from high-end prestige packages at just over £3K per month, through to packages at just over £150 per month*.  The higher-end packages are suited to those who have the resources and the drive to work intensely on themselves across the course of program.  Often these are professional athletes, aspiring athletes or those with major health challenges, recurrent injury or persistent pain.  The lower-end packages tend to work better for those on a more limited budget, who are serious about optimising their health, working on weight-loss, regular back pain, or correcting niggles or more acute (short-term) injuries.  All packages include weekly coaching.  To view some illustrations of Package commitments you can make, click here.

We are happy to liaise with you and advise as to which package best meets your needs and desires to achieve the goals and dreams you aspire to.  For more information, or to commit to a package, please emails us here: enquiries@mattwallden.com

*Note, if this is still a little above your budget, look at the other options we have below; these offer more affordable help.


Option 2: Self-help Packages

Help Yourself - self-helpThese packages are highly affordable programs to help you to help your self.  They offer applied information, practical techniques and a good degree of fine-tuning to help customise a program for you.

The objective is to help you to understand the best ways to navigate your own life and the challenges it offers you; so you have the tools to get achieve your goals.  For more information click here.


Option 3: Free Resources

We have a series of free resources available to anyone here I_LOVE_FREE_STUFF-300x300on this page.  This section is updated from time to time including information on nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, mental programming and rehabilitation.