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Committing to a consultation

So you’d like to commit to a consultation, but aren’t yet sure which best suits your needs?

Here are some options to choose from:

  • Option 1: Bespoke Coaching Packages
  • Option 2: Self-help Packages
  • Option 3: Free Resources


Option 1: Bespoke Coaching Packages

clinic visitThis is our recommended optimal approach for rapid results and attainment of your goals and dreams.  Since we are serious about partnering with you in achieving your health and performance goals, our model is that we require you to commit to a minimum of a 3-month package.   Six-month and 12-month packages are also available; and with greater commitment comes greater benefit in terms of results and investment.

All coaching packages include comprehensive assessment, analysis, program design and coaching, and may include further lab-based testing if required or referral for treatment.
As a Coaching Client you are provided with your own micro-site where you can access:

  • comprehensive online questionnaire-based reporting,
  • an online stretching & mobilisation program, with video guidance,
  • online exercise and conditioning programs, with video guidance, for access on your computer – or anywhere on your tablet or smartphone

training gearWe offer options to suit multiple budgets from high-end prestige packages at just over £3K per month, through to packages at just over £150 per month*.  The higher-end packages are suited to those who have the resources and the drive to work intensely on themselves across the course of program.  Often these are professional athletes, aspiring athletes or those with major health challenges, recurrent injury or persistent pain.  The lower-end packages tend to work better for those on a more limited budget, who are serious about optimising their health, working on weight-loss, regular back pain, or correcting niggles or more acute (short-term) injuries.  All packages include weekly coaching.  To view some illustrations of Package commitments you can make, click here.

We are happy to liaise with you and advise as to which package best meets your needs and desires to achieve the goals and dreams you aspire to.  For more information, or to commit to a package, please emails us here: [email protected]

*Note, if this is still a little above your budget, look at the other options we have below; these offer more affordable help.


Option 2: Self-help Packages

Help Yourself - self-helpThese packages are highly affordable programs to help you to help your self.  They offer applied information, practical techniques and a good degree of fine-tuning to help customise a program for you.

The objective is to help you to understand the best ways to navigate your own life and the challenges it offers you; so you have the tools to get achieve your goals.  For more information click here.


Option 3: Free Resources

We have a series of free resources available to anyone here I_LOVE_FREE_STUFF-300x300on this page.  This section is updated from time to time including information on nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, mental programming and rehabilitation.


Patients & Athletes

…Sometimes to move forward, we have to look backwards…

Matt Wallden

How will Matt’s approach help me?

When you work with Matt, you will be transported back in time to understand the fundamental building blocks that made you who you are.  And which of those building blocks could do with a little support or rearrangement!

After a long journey of ongoing study and qualifications starting in the late 1980’s, Matt reached the conclusion in the late 90’s that to understand how human beings function, we need to understand both how they were built, and what they were built for.  It had become increasingly obvious that, whether you’re looking at high-end performance, severe pain or health challenges; and everything on the spectrum between, an understanding of how we got here helps to cut a path through a sea of conflicting opinion, research and confusion.

Cutting a path through a sea of research, confusion & doubt
Cutting a path through a sea of research, confusion & doubt.  To learn more about the picture click on it, or click here.

Along the path, Matt picked out the best people he had encountered in the field to become key mentors.  Of particular influence were Phill Beach and Paul Chek who reaffirmed Matt’s growing realisation that the experiment’s been done…  And we are the result.  Health, it turns out, is very simple – it is disease that is complex.  As such, the approach that is used boils down to just 6 foundation principles:

  1. Eat right
  2. Move right
  3. Drink right
  4. Sleep right
  5. Breathe right
  6. Think right

So that’s pretty simple.  The challenge, however, often comes from working out what “right” actually is – and how far from “right” you currently are.  That’s where we can help. Continue reading Patients & Athletes