Matt Wallden Webinars 2016 Series


The full 2016 Matt Wallden webinar series, including all discount coupons and free papers, chapters and give aways.

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The 2016 Matt Wallden webinar series covers fascinating, controversial and diverse topics; from spinal rehabilitation to barefoot conditioning, and from evolutionary biomechanical concepts to tips for motivating change.  A run down of the content of the webinars can be found on our vimeo page, or here on this site – or in a bit more detail on this Facebook Live video below:

The webinars are normally £25.00 each, but when you buy all 12 together you get them for only £250 – essentially 2 webinars for free!

The webinars can be streamed or downloaded to your device; and Matt is always available for questions either via this website, or on the Webinars Facebook Page here.

Get your hands on this fantastic educational opportunity here, now!