Infant Development & Motor Control



Did you know, the way human beings – more than any other animal – learn to move is through infant development processes?  This being the case, when movement skill breaks down, as a result of injury, pain, sedentary living or deconditioning, a working knowledge of infant development processes can be key to successful re-learning of motor function.

In this webinar, you will learn

  • Why motor learning is key to injury prevention, rehabilitation and realising your potential.
  • How the nervous system evolved to generate animal locomotion
  • How this evolutionary (phylogenic) process is reflected in our own infant development (ontogenic) processes
  • Why normal infant development is key for inhibition of infantile reflexes that may compromise adult populations
  • How to spot signs of reflexes that were never inhibited or have become disinhibited
  • Why breast-feeding is essential for optimal visual and motor development
  • About mental-emotional correlates with infant development and how these may impact on motor learning
  • About the miracle of foresight with the benefit of hindsight…

All webinar attendees will receive a free copy of the JBMT article “The Miracle of Foresight with the Benefit of Hindsight” and “ Phylontogenic Progressions or Infant Development” worth $32.50 each with this webinar, plus an eCopy of the now out-of-print “Naturopathic Physical Medicine” worth £10. PLUS an instructional video on how to perform infant development exercises worth £15.

Join us on Thursday April 12th 20:00-21:30 BST!


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