Fields & Function Workshop – with Phill Beach & Matt Wallden


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It seems about 2.2 million years ago, our ancestors identified a new energetic niche – that of running down their prey – barefoot of course – across vast distances, until the prey died of heat exhaustion.  This latter point is important as hunting tools such as spears have not been found in the archeological record until around 300 thousand years ago…

Professor Lieberman from Harvard University suggests that running is the primary formative force (in every sense) that shaped us; making us the pre-eminent running species on the planet. But how did we get to this point of athletic supremacy?  What neurodevelopmental processes did we go through?  And how does this inform our clinical practice today?

Before we could run, we had to first squat, walk and utilise our newly freed hands… so we needed an anatomy built on robust foundations to allow this formidable athleticism.  By understanding the process of the evolution of human function we can work more effectively both in treating and in preventing the dysfunction we find in our patients.

In this workshop, Phill and Matt will provide an insightful blend of theory and practice providing tools and techniques for assessment, for treatment and for conditioning of our deep anatomical inheritance.


This workshop is for you, if you have an interest in human movement, rehabilitation, performance and function.

  • Movement specialists, such as Feldenkrais Practitioners, Alexander Teachers, Personal Trainers, Athletics Coaches, Pilates Instructors, CHEK Practitioners, Strength & conditioning Coaches
  • Rehabilitation specialists, such as Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Sports Injury Specialists, Massage Therapists, Occupational Therapists and other physical or manual therapists

…will all benefit from the profound insights shared in this workshop.


Wellington – venue to be confirmed.


Thursday 5th / Friday 6th March, 10-5 (9:30 registration).


Places are limited, so secure your ticket by booking here; and get a taster of some of what’s in store with the following Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies papers made available to delegates:

Phill Beach:

  • The Contractile Field – A new model of Human movement. Part 1
  • The Contractile Field – A new model of Human movement. Part 2
  • The Contractile Field – A new model of Human movement. Part 3

Matt Wallden:

  • Trains, Chains & Contractile Fields
  • Pattern Recognition – the miracle of foresight with the benefit of hindsight

If you’d like a teaser to get a feel for what we’ll be diving into in the 2-day workshop, you may enjoy listening to our recent conversation together on my FC2O Podcast.

Auckland & Sydney Seminars

You may also be keen to attend the weekend seminar “2020 Vision – Putting Persistent Pain Behind Us in the Next Decade” with Matt Wallden at UNITEC in Auckland on Saturday 7th/8th March.  Here I’ll be showing how the evolutionary modelling I developed from observing Phill’s own unique approach to human function, can be applied to the field of Pain Neuroscience.

To book your tickets, or get more details, click here.


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