Ergolution – 2017 Power Series Webinar #2



The 2nd in the 2017 Power Series of Webinars – Ergolution – is all about finding solutions to ergonomic problems using evolutionary principles.

  • Perhaps you’re a health or fitness professional who wants to move into the corporate sector?
  • Perhaps you run a business and want the best from your staff?
  • Or perhaps you’re fed up with your work, but don’t really know what to do about it?
This webinar provides solutions for you, derived from a broad understanding of human performance based on evolutionary principles.  Ergonomics is NOT all about getting the right seat; its breadth is all-encompassing.
This revolutionary approach provides solutions for ergonomic challenges using evolutionary insights: Ergolution.
Join us to learn more about how to successfully rock the world of work performance!
Included within your investment:
1) a free copy of the Naturopathic Physical Medicine book
2) a free copy of the upcoming eBook: Ergolution – evolutionary solutions to ergonomic challenges.


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