Barefoot Running Webinar



Barefoot running has gone from our default way of hunting and surviving, to an unheard of hippy concept, back to an elite athletic training approach and an anthropologically / biomechanically sound principle…

In the meantime, however, a $90billion/year sports shoe industry has sprung up… This webinar helps to cut a path through the sea of confusion proposed and perpetuated by these sportswear giants – and even thousands of well-intentioned podiatrists and biomechanists.

Coming free with this webinar are 2 papers published in Elsevier’s Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies:

  1. Shifting Paradigms (worth $31.50)
  2. Chains, Trains & Contractile Fields (worth $31.50)

Get access to the papers immediately, with webinar download details to follow by purchasing here.


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