Making sense of our life experiences requires not just analysis and interpretation, but creativity and big-picture narrative. When the two are combined we have integration.

In physics we know that chaos is how the fundamental dynamics of the universe finds solutions from which order emerges. Chaos is non-rational (not understandable through breaking it down into components or “rations”) whereas order is a flow of energy which is in-formation.

Due to this fundamental nature of reality, it turns out that the brain has evolved to mirror the reality within which it has been immersed. The left hemisphere specialises in analysing, ordering, breaking down; the right in synthesising, creating, building up. This is the yin and yang of reality which, together make for a holistic life.

Jung said that the ego has no defence against art. Similarly, William Blake said “There is a Moment in each Day that Satan cannot find…& when it once is found. It renovates every Moment of the Day if rightly placed”; by which he is referring to the poetic imagination as the place, and the strategic mind as Satan… The function of this page is to provide real-life examples of using the Arts to find that respite, to integrate the mind, to provide a more whole, undivided, complete lived experience.