Have We Been Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

Over the last decade, the world of musculoskeletal medicine has been rocked by research that has – in theory at least – pulled the rug out from under many of the tenets held sacred in not just manual therapy and rehabilitation, but in strength/conditioning and athletic training for decades, centuries – even millennia.

Perhaps, more concerning, in spite of this new research and attempts to apply it in the clinical arena, the rates of persistent pain are still increasing… suggesting we may be barking up the wrong tree. See here for a good example:

But why is this?

One potential explanation for this is the vantage point from which information is assessed.  When we look at data as truth, and we hear (often academics) state “the data are in”, then we are viewing the world from a scientific, materialistic level of consciousness; the level from which many of these claims for posture being irrelevant, biomechanics being redundant or motor control not working, arise. 

When we transcend that level of evaluation, we see that the data being utilised to paint a black and white picture of “what is” is, in fact, in itself flawed – and only true in its cleaned-up, sanitised form – even though this does not represent the grit, dirt and complexity of the real world. So, while it is flawed, it is the best data currently available to us; and so should not be ignored… but, it should not be put on too high a pedestal either. There are just too much additional clinical, physiological and experimental data to define so starkly “right and wrong”; instead we have to come to the realisation that in many instances there may be an either/or, pluralistic, or shades of grey reality.

Wilber’s model of conscious development (note each level is transcended and included… and people may be in more than one level at once)

To move a step further, the shades of grey can result in being non-committal; so if we can begin to integrate them into the context for the situation at hand we begin to see a greater, more reflective, whole… And if, ultimately, we can colour in the grayscale to produce a glorious technicolor view of our reality then a truly holistic picture of human function begins to emerge…

2020 Vision Seminars, March 2020.

So THIS is the journey we will be exploring together at 2020 Vision – bringing more insight to cut through the confusing and often dumbfounding research; as well as showing how to apply it more fluidly in the real world.

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